“I was amazed by the strong positive energy you feel when you first meet Vanya and so mesmerized by how straight to the point and accurate she was. Thanks to her my sister is getting better followiing a serious illness. She is so accurate with her readings, a gifted healer and psychologist too. Her charismatic personality combined with her natural power left me astonished. Vanya is someone truly worth meeting. I am so pleased I made that intitial phone call to arrange to meet her”.
– Luba Petrova

“I have been going to see Vanya for over 5 years now and over this period I brought about 20 of my friends to see her too, none of which were disappointed and many came back again and again. What can I say… Vanya is a really gifted and kind person. One might feel intimidated going to see a psychic, thinking they would get judged for all the mistakes they have done, but it could not be further from the truth. Vanya is not only a very open minded and accepting person but a great advisor too. I have been through a lot over the past years and I think Vanya was sent to me to help me get through it.

She has been giving me an invaluable insight into events unfolding in my life as well as people that surround me and their true intentions. Sometimes she would confirm what I already think, other times she would open my eyes on what I refuse to see- but never has she been wrong once yet.

What I find most valuable is Vanya’s medium gift which gives me an opportunity to talk to my late grandma, who seems to be my guardian angel now. We were never that close while she was alive and I don’t remember her very well as I was small and she was very old, but funny enough it’s now that I got a chance to get to know her and enjoy her wisdom and advice. There is a lot of fun in the sessions as everything Vanya says she presents in a very lighthearted manner so you always feel enlightened and happy when you leave whatever comes your way. She has such a light aura that simply being in her presence already makes you feel better and you feel that everything is going to be OK.

I think I was truly blessed that God sent her on my way and I recommend anyone who needs guidance in life or in big decisions to be made to definitely go see Vanya for the insight from the higher spirits. But remember, to always go with pure intentions as any request to cause anybody else any harm would be instantly turned down and you would be sent on your way.”.
– Elena Prisyach

“I don’t make a habit of going to psychics. Not because I’m a sceptic per se, but because I believe there are so few with any kind of gift and I’m reluctant to waste my cash on a charlatan.

Vanya however, is the real deal. Accurate to the point of recalling private conversations I had, had the previous day with only one other person in my home. Not only relaying advice to read notes in a book that only I knew were there, but where I had put the book and the exact page they were on. Smiling upon hearing my Grandma (who’s passed) Scottish accent- impossible to guess, I speak with a Yorkshire accent and live in London. Dates, travel, work, places, friends and family all absolutely accurate.
So, to the all important question…. the predictions of my future? Only time will tell but Vanya gave me clear, precise, information on what’s in store which was both uplifting and empowering.

I don’t believe you should ever go to anybody for direction, that should always come from within, but if you are in need of clarification, the opportunity to speak to someone who can see your life as the bigger picture or receive greater knowledge to empower your life, then Vanya is a must for you. “.
– Suzanne Abbott-Lee – Broadcast Journalist